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Colon Hydrotherapy

Cleansing from the inside out!  A no muss no fuss system that is a safe, effective and administered by our experienced therapist in a wonderfully relaxing environment.  Our state of the art equipment is registered with the FDA and is considered top of the line in colon hydrotherapy.  We have an excellent water filtration system that also removes fluoride!  Inquire with us about how colon hydrotherapy can help you reach your wellness goals and make a positive difference in your life! 

Initial Visit: $130 - Includes 30 minute consultation and we break it up into 15 minutes prior to your session and 15 minutes following your session.

$100 per treatment therafter.       


Therapeutic Massage

A deeply relaxing massage that is excellent for stress management. An eclectic combination of soothing massage modalities to ease mental and emotional stress as well as muscle tension and fatigue. Excellent for Fibromyalgia.

$100 for 60 minutes       $150 for 90 minutes


Deep Tissue Massage

This massage addresses specific complaints of chronic pain and limited range of motion. A variety of modalities are used to break pain cycles, increase circulation and remove metabolic waste. Each treatment is adjusted accordingly to the clients comfort and needs.

$120 for 60 minutes        $180 for 90 minutes  


Essential Oil Therapy/Aromatherapy

Essential Oils are the " life force " of plants, trees, and flowers. Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are the most effective and purest oils available. They are not adulterated by chemicals or synthetic properties enabling individuals with allergies to enjoy their benefits without adverse reactions. These oils may be used for pain relief, relaxation, strengthening the immune system, purifying the air, chemical free house cleaning and much more!  We blend our oils on a client to client basis to suit each individuals personal needs.

Add on to any massage  $15

Lymphatic Drainage for Wellness and Pre & Post Op Patients

​The body contains 600-800 lymph nodes connected by a network of vessels. These nodes act like “castles of defense” or “filtering stations” playing a vital role in the immune system. 

​The lymphatic system absorbs dead and broken cells, as well as excess fluid (swelling). Manual Lymphatic Drainage can give needed support for pre and post surgical procedures, reducing swelling, bruising, and minimizing the risk of infection. 

All of our lymphatic therapists have extensive training in either the Dr Vodder or Foeldi method, which requires bi-annual recertification in the specialty field of Lymphatic Therapy, and are fully trained to assist those struggling with Lymphedema.

​$90 for 60 minutes